Wednesday, February 21, 2007

There's a big great world out there

Had a lovely encounter with some beautiful young people today. Was invited for a graduation ceremony of one of the biggest IT training companies in India. Met a bunch of young students (mostly government officials) from countries as diverse as Peru, Mongolia, Antigua, Palestine, Chile, Iran and Afghanistan. They have been in Delhi for an IT course for a few weeks and are now ready to go back to their various countries. What was really great was the way they had integrated as a group and with the Indian experience. Believe me, English language skills didn't matter - and was a disadvantage almost. And even more interesting was the fact that none of them spoke about the IT training part of their stay. For some it was a life changing experience and for others a spiritual journey. One group sang a lively song while another rendered a sad ode to freedom. The girls from Latin America did a lively dance. Struck me how we're traditionally joined from the hips with the western world and seem to forget so many other cultures which are responsive and sensitive towards ours.There was a Tibetan mother and son who live in Mongolia - the lady is a Hindi teacher while her son is a young student. For the two of them India with its Buddhist tradition was also a spiritual journey. Even from a crass commercial point of view, there are diverse markets for India's IT skills. The young trainer - a 22 year old Keralite boy - was mentor, singer and IT expert rolled in one for the multicultural group. Moreover, he seemed to be taking it all in his stride.

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