Saturday, February 10, 2007

The New Untouchables!

If being single, female and living in Delhi was not bad enough - it's now also about not being young. What with all the hype and hoopla around India and its population getting younger by the nano second - 30 + is now old and over 40, positively over the top. Beyond that you're the official old fogeys. Unfortunately, this young addiction seems to be catching up with HR policies at workplaces and on the social scene as well. Give me the age-ing western countries which have some sensitivity towards its senior citizens - any time.

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Kaisar Ahmad said...

While perhaps a better picture than in the West, all is not rosy in the West either. See the post on Age Discrimination at
However, there is a very active and growing San Francisco based organisation "Civic Ventures" addressing this issue. See details at