Monday, September 24, 2007


It's Diwali come early in Delhi - in Kolkata despite three days of heavy rains and water logged streets people are out with victory processions on the streets late at night! Sachin Tendulkar is at home with friends opening bottles of champagne. Shah Rukh Khan who watched the match in Johannesburg - is celebrating with the heros themselves!! Tell us how you are celebrating the BIG 20/20 Indian Cricket win!!!!


Debjani said...

Well, we celebrated way way into the night. We have had to wait for too many decades for this day to dawn. From the moment of the Misbah miscue, we just had to go out there and celebrate. But as I have written before in England no one knows much about here we were, a few of us, who had braved the hazards of a work day to watch the match, in a Pakistani shop ordering kebabs to add fuel to our celebrations. Although they were tired after a day of fasting and defeat, tehy tolerated our loud joy in real good humour! So here's to the young team and here's to the game..three cheers!

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Pakistanis helped you celebrate their defeat?
Very sporting.