Monday, July 16, 2007

In Memoriam

Got some photos of Ranjabati Sircar from the albums of a close friend of hers. While these would go well with my earlier post on her - I thought it better to post them separately, considering that her friend sent them to me after painstakingly searching them out and scanning them for our blog

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mrinalini said...

Why does she knock on my heart
So wild?
Every time i look..
Despair. Desperation leading to devastation
Glares at me.
She reaches out even from that which she is not.
A soul to be discovered,
A ear yet to be given to those
Words of loss and pain.

A figure of fine art,
Lost it all..
Who was to be blamed?
Was there none to understand her?
None to feel the same?

She wanted to tell perhaps,
But no one listened,
She wanted to care,
But no one was there.
Someone must have failed to reach out,
Either she or we.

What did she think in those lonely hours,
As Life passed her by like
The smoke of her cigarette..
How did music sound to her ear?
Did love ever touch her soul?

I wonder if she ever laughed to her bosom's content..
or was it just a disguise to some sweet sorrow?

A dedication to RANJABATI SIRCAR
She is my invisible mentor and inspiration.