Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Greetings from Ganga

I'm just back from my first trip to Kashi (Benares or Varanasi to many). It's been an overwhelming experience for me and I'll have to wait a bit for my thoughts to settle down before I can write a post. Till then here are some photos (on the right). Enjoy!


Debjani said...

I loved the one taken from the boat -- the Kashi scape. What with citiscapes changing so much in India, I was almost glad to see that this one still looks as grand as I remember it.

ishani said...

Some changes in Kashi are as follows:

1.Security blanket at all the temples - specially Kashi Viswanath Mandir - after last years blasts. Has resulted in new segment of temple mafiosi comprising small shops around temple where you need to leave cameras, bags, mobiles etc!!!

2. After the Bachachan bandwagon descended on Kashi the USP of Benarasi saris has definitely improved with Bahu Ash buying a lot of them for the wedding. This is good for the craftsmen who have been facing hardship.

3. Finally, Sankat Mochan Temple too has gained considerable visibility after the Big B and family carried out their rituals there last year!

final_transit said...

Very interesting picture. I haven't been to Kashi, somehow it reminds me of floating dead bodies and filth.. (am I sounding stereotypical?)

eve's lungs said...

My most lasting memory is of Kashi at the age of four. I loved your picture of the river . I remember little leaf boats laden with flowers and a small diya being floated on the Ganga . Oh and later once when I was in college , eating lunch in one of the Bengali lodges at the ghats - huge brass thalis and about 20 small brass bowls !