Monday, January 15, 2007

The Argumentative Indians

Here uou can read about the contributors to this blog

Ishani Duttagupta is a journalist with The Economic Times where she specialises in immigration and the Indian diaspora. Having overcome the initial fear of blogging, she now believes that Web 2.0 could perhaps provide the final route to Infinity. Her favourite themes are travel, people, friends, family and life. She hates arguments.

Debjani Banerjee teaches English for EJO at Reading College. She holds a doctorate degree in English Literature and Cultural Studies. She has a specific interest in literature written in English in South Asia. Her publications include translations of non fictional works from Bengali into English.

Roma Bhattacharjea is passionate about the creative arts. She has a doctorate in Elizabethan drama and has also pursued post-graduate multidisciplinary studies in gender, social development and conflict - both at Oxford University. Professionally, she has served with the UN on diverse assignments from pioneering the first gender policy office in Kosovo in peacekeeping operations to providing policy and organizational advice across the globe from Senegal to Tokyo. She is currently based in Kolkata.

Kaisar Ahmad is a UK-qualified Chartered Accountant who has held managerial positions in India, Hong Kong, the United States and England in various industries. Now based in New York, he is a Consultant in International Business Development and has worked on several projects involving India, including serving on the Board of a number of Indian Companies.

Ananya (Mukherjee Reed) is a professor at York University, Toronto, specializing in political economy, development and related issues. Ananya is passionate about arguing!


Lalima said...

Hi! Ishani

Amazing.. had to read your blog post to know that you too spend those lazy, hazy, crazy days of childhood in DGP and went to the same school!!.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ishani,

I read your article on Opportunities in Scotland. Please let me know whom can I contact for further advise on Work Visa. I'm a Technical Writer by profession and a BE in Instrumentation by qualification. Please help.

Vijnan Batchu said...

Good evening Ishani!

I suspect you are Mrs Duttagupta's daughter. I am trying to remember whether she taught me in Class 2 or Class 5?

I went to Xaviers Durgapur and had I not left in Class 8 would have graduated from Class 10 in 1988.

Would be great to hear from you. Am at and now live in New York.

Best regards
Vijnan Batchu

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